About Bruce Peters and Beyond Teal

One of the biggest challenges to face successful organizational leaders comes when they least expect it; after they’ve met their career goals. That challenge usually sounds like this:

Now what?  

I have noble ideas but where do I start?

How do I know if the effort is worth it or if I’m on the right track?

What if all my hard work will be lost?

How can I be the best version of myself?

These questions surface when you feel you aren’t on a trajectory to living life to its fullest potential. Compounding the angst is when you lack the strategy or know-how to align your efforts with what you really want! Ask the right questions, find the real issues, and hone in on your passions and you will unlock your potential.

Meet Bruce Peters

He has combined his acumen as an accomplished business leader and entrepreneur with his compassion for helping others reach their fullest potential to create Beyond Teal: an organization that embodies a concept, a conversation, and a community for business leaders and professionals.

Bruce has lived and conquered the same series of questions, vulnerabilities, challenges, and self-doubt that you face. His uniqueness in the industry comes from his uncanny ability to empower you to take full ownership of your actions. It’s his commitment to you and to himself. That’s another thing that sets him apart – his life-changing, relentless pursuit to fulfill his commitments. If you want to know just how important this is to Bruce, just watch his TedX presentation, Promises Made, Promises Kept. His integrity is your advantage! 


Working with Beyond Teal

The purpose of Beyond Teal is to help business leaders elevate themselves, their employees, and their organizations to reach their highest potential and be the best version of themselves.

Whether you are still quietly exploring your options or ready to take action, you can engage with Beyond Teal in a way that works best for you:

Window shopping?

Want to hear more?

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A Bit of Background

Beyond Teal is a recognized collaborative partner of Rocateer, Optimax, and First American Equipment Finance

Bruce Peters founded and hosted the WCEOhq Radio show with weekly listeners and the Facilitative Leadership Program.

He’s an authorized Holacracy service provider.

He spoke about keeping commitments at TedX, Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Over the years, Bruce Peters achieved managing partner at a large, successful law firm, created a company that streamlined the industry on electronic property closings, and has reinvented his entrepreneurial pursuits many times over while helping elevate his clients and professional network to new levels.


“I've worked with Bruce one-on-one for a couple of years, and I participate in his CEO group. Bruce's ability to ask the right questions has helped me in many ways, including strategic focus, role descriptions, hiring practices and succession planning. As a facilitator, Bruce brings the most current and the most relevant topics to the group, including leadership, organizational design, among others.”

            Kathy Lindahl,

            Co-CEO, Rochester Midland Corporation


“I have worked with Bruce in many projects supporting my personal growth and the growth of Pharos Systems. Throughout, I have found Bruce to be a wise source of learning, of challenge, and support. I look forward to working with Bruce as I continue my journey of growth in the years to come.”

            Kevin Pickardt

            CEO, Pharos Systems


“Bruce Peters is the consummate executive coach. Bruce is well versed in practical business issues and quickly understands and relates any given issue to a solution set. Bruce provides the executive with appropriate tools to recognize and solve day to day problems. We have utilized Bruce to work with our entire executive team, to bring a common language to improve overall communication within the team and throughout RailComm. I believe we are a higher performing company in large part because of Bruce's guidance and insight.”

            Joe Denny

            Founder and CEO, ipPrimeMover


“I’ve been through dozens of leadership trainings during my professional career. Bruce's FLP class was the I have ever taken. I came as an observer but left fully immersed and excited about how I could apply the techniques to my clients and to those I mentor. Bruce's use of wonderful illustrative stories and relevant, engaging videos made the time fly. His ability to pivot to include participants’ individual challenges made the content particularly helpful and personal. The provocative questions made all of us THINK and determine how our actions may have contributed to any issues we were experiencing. Bruce Peter and his Facilitative Leadership Program is a must for anyone who wants to have improved leadership skills.”

Sandy Sloane

Consultant, Solutions by Sloan