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Interested in learning more about creating self-led teams and Teal?
Bruce Peters would love to come talk to you about how you can move your organization towards a Teal organization. Fill out the form and we will be in touch soon to set up a meeting. In the meantime, listen to an interview with Bruce Peters from the Avanti Entrepreneur Radio Show.

Building a High-Performance Hybrid Team Culture Workshop

June 8, 2021 (9:00 - 11:00AM)

Organizations moving to a hybrid-remote work model are struggling to address challenges like these:

  • How can we minimize costly disruptions and delays?
  • What values, beliefs and norms do we need to reconsider, and which aspects of our culture must we preserve at all costs?
  • How can we attract, retain and engage the best and brightest in light of an increasingly mobile workforce?
  • In this interactive working session, participants will:
  • Explore how shared team norms can lead to better outcomes while building trust and strengthening relationships
  • Identify aspects of teamwork and collaboration where shared norms will be especially vital
  • Recognize trust-building and trust-busting behaviors likely to affect team performance
  • Examine how the concepts of fairness and psychological safety lead to more engagement and better performance
  • Learn tips for creating a level playing field that enable all team members to contribute their best thinking
  • Draft a set of norms for aspects of hybrid work that will be most important for your team
We customize each session to reflect the composition, culture and context of each participant groups. A modest amount of prework is required to help us sharpen the focus of our conversations. In an optional follow-on workshop participants from intact teams work in small groups to create draft norms and discuss needed changes and actions.

This two-hour workshop, from 9:00-11:00am on June 8th, uses a combination of large-group discussions, breakout groups and asynchronous work. We recommend a maximum of 20 participants per session to allow for open sharing. Participants will receive checklists, guides and examples to continue this work within their own teams.

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Building a high-performance hybrid team culture workshop

June 8, 2021 (9:00 –11:00am)

Improve outcomes, speed time to results, and sustain momentum with clear operating norms in this highly-interactive workshop


Note:  Due to the coronavirus, we have made FLP a virtual program. If you are currently registered, we will contact you directly with more details. Contact us with any questions.

If you have been searching for help in making your workplace environment self-led and personally accountable, this program offers the beginning of this path.

Our next Facilitative Leadership Program (FLP) explores new ways to look at and approach obstacles holding back personal accountability and the ability for work environments to advance self-led solutions. FLP has a proven track record for helping work environments become self-led. We consider it the beginning of the self-led process and an imperative first step. 

Scores of Rochester area companies have invested in this first step to sustained growth, increased employee satisfaction and involvement in their business.

Invest in yourself, and your employees, to start the process and see what's possible. Register for one of our 2021 programs.

Learn more about the program and gaining tools in your good leader toolkit here.

Building a Culture of Leadership and Accountability

"For people willing to look inside themselves, the Facilitative Leadership Program provides a unique practical framework for understanding leadership and improving your leadership skills.  The skills and strategies taught in the class will make you more effective in all of your interactions not just at work.."  
Robert Robert T. Smith III, P.E.,  Director of Marine and Nuclear Products, Graham MFG  
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2021 Spring/Summer FLP Schedule

2021 Spring/Summer FLP Program I

All session times are (9:30-11:30 AM via Zoom)

June 9 - Session 1

June 16 - Session 2 

June 23 - Session 3

June 30 - Session 4 

TBA - Session 5

TBA - Session 6 

Note:  Due to the coronavirus, we have made FLP a virtual program.  Contact us with any questions.

Ask us about special pricing for multi-registrants from the same company.



Guidance Session for FLP

Executive Leadership Guidance Sessions with Bruce Peters

There is often, no one predetermined path toward accomplishing your business goals.  And since every organization presents unique opportunities it's often not clear in the beginning of a new relationship how to precisely get started on a path forward. What we do know is that getting started is the key, and what has been extremely successful for our clients is to begin with one-to-one (121) Guidance Sessions with Bruce. 

These hour-long sessions help both you and Bruce through the Discovery phase of "where you are now," so that you can move towards the Strategic phase of "where you would like to go and how will you get there."

Interested in learning more? Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you, or if you are ready to move forward, schedule time for your 121 on Bruce's calendar below.

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FLP Refresher Program 

If you have any interest or questions please let us know

 "Third Act" Inside Program

If you knew you had another 25-30 years of life what would you do with it? Would you go on as before, change things a little or maybe change things a lot?

Advances in human longevity have been described as the greatest social achievement of the past 100 years. More years have been added to life expectancy in the last 100 years than all of the previous millennia of mankind combined. We are currently adding two and half years in longevity per decade, that’s three months a year or six hours a day.
So what is it? Well, it's a new phenomenon of our time, a new Third Act in life and you are not alone; this is the fastest growing segment of the population worldwide.

Bruce has developed a program for employees in their Third Act to make the most of their contribution and knowledge in their company.
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Unlock the potential

How do I unlock the potential in each of us in my organization?  

Become a Teal organization  - start your journey today!

Beyond Teal has designed a program that will kick-off your journey to creating the organization you want to be a part of for the rest of your career.

  • Learn about Teal concepts
  • What teal organizations are doing
  • What you can do in your organization to unlock the human potential

Hear from a local company going Teal. Optimax, a Rochester success story, will be discussing their paths in implementing self leadership and teal concepts.

Culture, Strategy & Profits

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