The Beyond Way Within

A guide for CEOs who want to apply the transformative powers of The Third Act within their enterprise thus unlocking the holistic success attained by Teal organizations.


The Third Act

The Third Act arises out of human longevity. We are living 25-30 years longer than our great-grandparents. These years give us the equivalent of an entirely new phase of adulthood. Many refer to this as life’s “new third age” or the “The Third Act.” Careful though, there is a critical difference between the two!

“Everyone who lives long enough will have a third age; not everyone who lives long enough will have a Third Act. The third age comes to us from the ‘outside in’ and arises because of improvements in life conditions. We come to The Third Act from the ‘inside out’ and it arises from our capacity to upgrade ourselves to the next stage of human consciousness.”

- The Third Act creator, Charles Handy


Beyond Teal

Teal is a label for the highest level of a successful organization. Success incorporates a holistic set of measurements including fulfillment, self-satisfaction, intellectual ownership, agility, creativity, financial health and more. Beyond Teal explores the eight levels of human development and what might lay beyond. Teal for organizations is based on the book by Frederic LaLoux entitled Reinventing Organizations.


Creating Your Organizational Third Act – The Beyond Way Within™

Based in part on the work of many experts in the field, The Third Act is built around three questions:

1) Where am I now?

2) How did I get here?

3) Where am I going?


The Beyond Way Within™ is delivered over a six month period, and provides you with a platform to guide you and your organization's transition. The method of delivery is facilitative and interactive.

What is my organization's Third Act?

How ready am I to make this Third Act a reality?

Have I taken an audit of my organization's life cycle and development?

Have I reviewed my organization's stages of development and understand them?

Am I looking forward to my organization's transformation in its Third Act?

Lets get started living your answer now!

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