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CoombsMarketingStacked_CMYK.jpgAttract, track, nurture, convert, and delight qualified leads for your business. 

Coombs creates customer capturing websites, web content, email, social media, seo, video, and online advertising, profitably integrated with sales and CRM. 

Raise the value of your business. 

We are a partnership in marriage and in this business, and we are in our Third Act. This is the 5th version of Coombs Marketing over the last 30 years, and in our opinion, the most fun! We make it a rule to only work with clients that have similar values and are fun to work with. Life is too short! We believe in the Teal concepts and work at learning more everyday to transform our lives and our work and help our clients do the same.

Mary & Mike Coombs

Partners, Coombs Marketing


Custom Business Writing. Rainmaker Content.

Does your company need content that serves a specific purpose, solves real audience problems, and is distinct to your brand and expertise?

KMwordsmith specializes in custom content creation and strategy for your company’s persuasive communications, client education, and website. Get found. Get leads. Strengthen your brand. Become your customers’ champion!

KMwordsmith is a powerhouse operation of one, helmed by me, Karen Marley, a business writer with more than 15 years of experience. The Third Act is about realizing your full potential and Teal is the organizational version of that. Providing content that benefits you and advances your organization’s quest for Teal is what fulfills my potential. Let’s do this!

Karen Marley

President, kmwordsmith


Dale is the Spiritual Director & Teacher of the Heartwork Institute and author of Heartwork: How to Get What You Really, REALLY Want. Dale is a Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Psychotherapist who has been actively exploring, since 1966, the uses of meditative healing, and psychotherapeutic tools in the process of helping individuals, groups, and organizations realize their true potential.

In the heart of every problem lies its solution. We spend enormous amounts of time and energy searching for answers outside ourselves, when the answers lie within. Heartwork is a simple, direct, powerful, yet gentle tool for opening fully to one’s life. Both a counseling approach and a way of living, Heartwork serves to resolve problems at their core, and to open the “heart of compassion.” Heartwork is a creative process, which teaches one to find fundamental solutions to both everyday problems and the more difficult life questions, transforming “problems” into doorways to compassion, insight and joy.

Dale Goldstein, LCSW-R

Founder, Heartwork