Facilitative Leadership Program Reviews 

Building a Culture of Leadership and Accountability

What our Program Participants have to say ...

"Bruce has put together a very impressive leadership program in my estimation, which says a lot considering how many different types of leadership training I have tried. I consider myself very fortunate to have had this unique opportunity to learn from FLP, and I look forward to the possibility of keeping in touch."

Nathan Gibbons, CLFP, Vice President, Learning & Development, First American Equipment Finance

"For people willing to look inside themselves, the Facilitative Leadership Program provides a unique practical framework for understanding leadership and improving your leadership skills.  The skills and strategies taught in the class will make you more effective in all of your interactions not just at work.."  
Robert Robert T. Smith III, P.E.,  Director of Marine and Nuclear Products, Graham
"What can you really learn in three half days?!  With Bruce Peters, you quickly realize this isn't a cliff notes for leadership seminar but the beginning of an introspective journey on what leadership skills you already have - and still need to add.  The FLP enables you to peel away the distractions, the rationalizations and the certainties to discover the right tools for your own personal leadership path. Bruce's keen perception and awareness of how leaders tick bring to life lessons that stick with you long after FLP ends.  Invariably, FLP students start applying their new skills the moment they head back into their lives."  
Don Feige, President, Fillshift 

"As a new business owner, I recently sat in one of Bruce Peters' Facilitative Leadership classes where he pointedly asked me when I would make my first sale. Uh, how do I answer that when there are still so many unknowns??? He would not let me off the hook until I committed to a date. That "hold-your-feet-to-the-fire" mentality, that ability to ask the hard questions we're afraid to ask ourselves, is what makes Bruce a great mentor, someone capable of coaching leaders to excellence."

Robin Taney, Owner, Studio 4 PR

"I have attended only the first class at this point, however I have already found the material, discussion and methodology helpful.  The first half of the reading has provided new insight and is very inspiring.  Bruce Peters does an excellent job of relating the material to real life experience and numerous other expert views and expert studies.  The class discussion is enlightening with the various perspectives provided by the medley of individual business backgrounds.  I look forward to the next session."

Frank Piazza, Director, Technology Delivery, Pharos Systems Internationals, Inc.

"FLP provides a learning environment that allowed me to grow my leadership abilities and better understand different perspectives by working closely with peers from other companies and industries. It is an interactive program that challenged my weaknesses and helped me better utilize my strengths. It delivered me the opportunity to step aside from the chaos of a normal workday, and share my own issues, receive constructive feedback, and learn from others’ issues. The knowledge gained was useful immediately and made a difference in my daily interactions inside and outside of work."                

Josh Dennie, Production Control Manager, Optimax Systems, Inc.

"As a growing professional I have learned that successful individuals have mentors, advisors, and       coaches who help shape their professional careers and even help themselves as an individual.  These are things that the Renaissance Executive Forms and the Accelerator FLP series has made available to me.  It gives me exposure to other professionals with different backgrounds, industry experience and educations and whom I can bounce ideas off in a non judgmental and confidential manner.  Our group members understand the pressure I face in my position and help me work through the issues I face in the role that I play within my organization.  Bruce Peters and our group members have provided me guidance, motivation and most importantly ask me questions that no one else asks."   

Kelly Bryant, Director of Operations and Finance - QV System, Inc.

"The Facilitative Leadership Program exceeded my expectations with comprehensive and actionable content, relevant tools and personal transformation. Bruce is a rare facilitator capable of uniquely coupling personal growth with leadership development. As a servant leader committed to the group's success, Bruce provided endless relevant resources and insights that will be invaluable to my continued success as an adviser to senior executives and professionals. Thank you, Bruce!"   

Kathleen Pringle, President/CEO - Predictive Insights, Inc. 

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