It’s time to transform your life.

Your work.

Your life at work.

What is Beyond Teal? Learn More About Beyond Teal

Beyond Teal is a concept, a community, and a conversation.

You just found a community of leaders who are taking ownership of their lives and organizations. These are people just like you. People who are wondering how to approach their next 30 years –life’s Third Act – in a way that is full of meaning, impact, and purpose.   

Beyond Teal is where and how leaders are achieving the seemingly impossible: a responsive, thriving environment of life and work supported with individuals who are realizing their highest potential.

Sustainability. Creativity. Agility. Purpose. A stronger bottom line. A self-managed and motivated staff that actively seeks opportunities to enrich the company. These are the types of benefits Beyond Teal’s followers are creating in their lives. 

An Introduction

Bruce_med.jpgMy name is Bruce Peters. Beyond Teal is how I guide professionals, just like you, to discover their Third Act at a personal level and for their organizations.

I’ve lived through many incarnations of the Third Act. I’ve learned from them. And I’ve served as a guide for hundreds of other leadership professionals as they found their own, personal transformation of life at work.

You can fulfill your highest potential both personally and professionally.

If Not Now … When?

Are you ready claim authority over your own life and choices? Do you have the resolve to make yourself accountable for your decisions? Are you asking yourself the right questions and channeling your energy, knowledge, and skills into solving the right problems?

If you’re the kind of person with whom these ideas resonate, then you’re the kind of person we want to invite to our conversation. There is no formulaic correct answer waiting for you. Be prepared to learn about how to take ownership of your questions, how to be accountable for your actions, and eliminate the integrity outages in your life. 


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Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart – 

And try to love the questions themselves. Don’t search for answers

which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. 

And the point is to live everything.

Live the questions now!

Perhaps, gradually without noticing it you will live your way to your answer.

            -Ranier Maria Rilke