Something is broken in today’s organizations.

Can we create organizations free of the pathologies that show up all too often in the workplace? Free of politics, bureaucracy, and infighting: free of stress and burnout: free of resignation, resentment and apathy; free of the posturing at the top and the drudgery at the bottom?”

            --- Frederick Laloux, Reinventing Organizations

Since the year 2000, Gallup has tracked employee engagement and has found that less than one-third of U.S. employees have been engaged in their jobs and workplaces during the last 15 years. Expand that to global measurements and the numbers drop to less than 10 percent. Management guru, Gary Hamel, rightly calls this the shame of management.

In my consulting practice we asked individuals how much time their talented employees spend on the functions and activities that emphasize their level of genius and skilled talents.

The answer? Less than 10 percent!

If you are a founder or part of the leadership in an organization and you wish to create a different type of workplace, one defined by health, vitality and purpose, everything depends on your choices. Take action or passively accept that your organization may be losing 90 percent of the talent, ingenuity, and energy that your staff brings to work every day. 

Beyond Teal is giving you a place to take action. 

Congratulations! You are on your way to discovering a different path.

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