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Helping to create work environments that are personally accountable and self-led

Beyond Teal presents a virtual Facilitative Leadership Program, based on the work of Bruce Peters, CEO of Beyond Teal.

The Facilitative Leadership Program (FLP) is led by Bruce Peters.

FLP includes a module called Creating & Guiding Self-Led Teams, based on the principles of Teal and Self-Led.
How the Program Works 
  • Six, 2-hour virtual sessions devoted to creating personal development and leadership growth 
  • Creation of the foundation for your personal, professional Learning Plan and Role Descriptio
  • Pre and Post Session private one-to-one session with Bruce Peters

  • Includes pre and post program course materials, resources, videos, and other content

Session One - "Setting the Stage"

  • Leadership Defined and Designed: Inside and Out 
  • Group Dynamics: The Story of Teams and How to Lead Them Effectively 
  • Obligations:  Leaders and Followers 

Session Two - Group Dynamics: The Story of Teams: Who are Wilfred Bion and Jerry Harvey any way?

  • Assessment:  Leadership and Followership  
  • Clarity and Commitment in the Organizations DNA
  • Seven Core Stratagems  

Session Three - Building High Performing Teams: The importance and power of Roles

  • Concept and Importance of Roles 
  • How to Make Performance Necessary 
  • Introduction to the "Requisite Organization"

Session Four - Making Performance Possible and Necessary

  • Understanding communication and “framing” 
  •  Being accomplished at leading with questions 
  •  Achieving mastery of “Improv” techniques 

Session Five - Accountability and Leadership By Agreement

  • Putting the ensemble, and keeping the ensemble, on course 
  •  Ingeniously fulfilling the ever-changing demands of their role 
  •  Optimizing individual returns from group performance  

Session Six - Tools in the Facilitative Leaders Toolkit: Bring it all together.

  • Coaching and Mentoring Others (Intro. Course 101)
  • Recap and Creation of Accountability Plan 
  • What’s Nex 

Commitment / Investment  

  • Participate in all six scheduled sessions, contributing your skills and knowledge to assist your fellow FLP Connect group members   
  • Attend the One-to-Ones and create follow up Leadership Skills Action Plan
  • Maintain strict confidentiality about all issues discussed among members  
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