The Beyond Teal Team Bios

Bruce W. Peters

CEO & Guide

Bruce Peters, CEO of Beyond Teal, specializes in executive leadership development and organizational learning communities....making a difference one promise/commitment at a time.

Before founding Beyond Teal, Peters enjoyed a 30-year diverse career as a lawyer, executive, entrepreneur and educator. In addition to a successful career in law, he served as an adjunct faculty member at Rochester Institute of Technology where he taught courses in business and business law.

Peters began working with CEO groups in 1998 and went on to found CEOhq, a consulting firm that provides strategic business solutions, executive 1:1 coaching, and facilitation services to financial advisors, major corporations, small businesses and individuals. 

Peters has spent the last 15 years living and helping create organizations that have a strong sense of purpose, want to achieve self-leadership, and can quickly adapt and respond to the surrounding environment – in a word, TEAL.

Based on his own personal experience and in working as a Guide for hundreds of others, he has designed a unique process for getting ‘beyond’ where you and your business are, into the creation of what’s next. It starts with the question of ‘what is the difference you want to make?’ The integrity of your answer matters to you, the lives of your employees, every customer you serve, and with whom you establish business relationships.

The Beyond Teal Facilitative Leadership Program is a leadership program based upon Peters' work in organizational efficacy. Bruce has conducted the program with over 1000 executives to-date.

Peters' formula for success combines his business experience, his people skills, a passion for his work and a strong of personal commitment to his clients. He applies this formula to every project he undertakes.

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