The ABCs of Conversation: Accountability, Beyond Teal, and Commitment

Posted by Bruce Peters

Cute pupil dressed up as teacher against blue chalkboard.jpegHere at Beyond Teal tremendous emphasis is placed on joining the conversation around Teal
concepts, strategies, tools, and guiding philosophies. This dialogue comes in many forms: presentations, workshops, focus groups, and even this blog. By the mere virtue of reading these words you have become part of the Teal community.

Today, I am drawing attention to an article published by Valeria Maltoni. For several years, I’ve followed Maltoni’s insights. Virtually every day she spins out probing “conversations” worthy of deep thought.

Recently, Maltoni published a poignant gem entitled Power of Commitments. The concept of commitment is central to our “WHY” at Beyond Teal and we recommend you read this piece (it takes about 4 minutes). 

One of the key take-away concepts is the idea of rethinking how you approach a negotiation. Specifically, by taking time to listen and focus on a person’s interests, rather than positions, the opportunity arises to develop a new outcome. The key is to drop your assumptions. Maltoni points out that interests can be driven by lifestyle choices, love for work, desire for freedom … or any number of things that are not monetary.

Then, after finding an agreement that is born out of a positive gain for both interested parties --- the commitment must be kept.

Several years ago I had the privilege to do a TedX presentation entitled, Promises Made, Promises Kept (a 12 minute video). It tells a bit of my own personal story and the power of keeping score of your promises or commitments.

Do you hold others accountable for the commitments they make to you? Yes? Do you hold yourself accountable to your commitments?

As a leadership guide I’ve noticed a few things happen when we live up to our commitments and set rigid standard of accountability to ourselves. Here’s what I’ve found and why. 

  1. Get more done. Start cutting the fluff.
  2. Gain more clarity of your commitments. You can’t fulfill what you don’t understand.
  3. Gain more clarity on commitments to you. You begin to apply your sharpened sense of assessment to other actions filtering into your life.
  4. Make fewer promises. You become practiced at being true to your commitments.
  5. Hold others accountable. This is a privilege you earn by holding yourself accountable to your commitmentsMake fewer promises. You become practiced at being true to your commitments.

Should you read Power of Commitment or watch Promises Made, Promises Kept, we would love to continue the conversation and listen carefully to your questions.

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