Response to Zat Rana Post

Posted by Bruce Peters

A couple of days ago I commented on a post by Zat Rana where he opined that you could tell a lot about a person by what they read. My response below ends with “what does, or how does, what I read tell you about me?

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Resume' versus Eulogy-what does matter?

Posted by Bruce Peters

In our last post about David Brooks' The Moral Bucket Listwe featured a quote about eulogy versus success.

This quote, in particular, resonated with CEOs and executives alike,in our community. No matter what level in a company the person holds, everyone has their version of dealing with this issue.

We all have jobs, families, commitments, and typically don't want to let any one of our commitments go, and in doing so, we create the "What Matters?" dilemma. 

This parallels some of the work we do In our Facilitative Leadership Program. Part of our study is the work of Peter Blocks, The Answer to How is Yes-Acting On What Matters

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