Running Late? Stop It!

Posted by Bruce Peters

"I'm running late."

This is the slogan of our times.

You don't walk or amble late. You run. And it's not a joyous run. It's a constant, frenetic pursuit of some notion of being "caught up." But caught up to what?  

The world is changing ... rather ... accelerating at a speed and pace that we have never experienced before. Our lives are defined by strains against the clock, technology, politics, and our sense of genuine health and well-being. The notion of predictability and a relaxed confidence in the larger forces of the world feel like quaint notions of a slower time romanticized in history books and our imaginations. 

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What Happens When You Get What You Want? Or, Success Beyond Success!

Posted by Bruce Peters

Think of a class you’ve wanted to take. Tuition is paid, supplies purchased. You enter the room on the first day. The professor hands out a syllabus listing everything you need to do to earn an "A" in the class. The measurements of success are defined for you.



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