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Posted by Bruce Peters

Young businessman with opened book in hands blowing on pagesWhen asked the question, “Bruce, what is it you do?” I’m always inarticulate. I could say that I’m a business coach, a mentor, a trusted advisor to CEO’s and their entire organization. But those titles are really just bullet points for a much deeper, vested commitment.

Now, the expectation—mine and others—is that someone who’s been at this as long as I have would develop a well rehearsed elevator speech type answer. I don’t.

Purple bright glittering light circles on dark backgroundAnd it’s gotten even more difficult as my work has evolved into the self-leadership/self-organized (Teal) genre. How do you explain the process of sensing and responding to what’s needed? Understanding and facilitating communication among all levels of leadership? Brainstorming through barriers and blind-spots?

On occasion, when pressed into an answer and in an uneasy attempt at humor, my response is this: “I locate where value is being provided by individuals/organizations. And I sprinkle fairy dust in order to enable more of that.

Not a terribly satisfactory answer.

Then along comes Frederic Laloux  with his video series, Reinventing Organizations. He conveys the answer oh so much better than me. He describes the advisor’s role as someone who walks with you on your journey.

If you’d like to know what we do at Beyond Teal and a little about how we do it, please watch Frederic Laloux’s explanation in the link attached. Nobody needs to go it alone.

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