Jump-Starting Rochester/America: New Narrative PART 4

Posted by Bruce Peters

Jump-Starting Rochester HomepageJump-Starting America” by MIT Professors Gruber and Johnson beknighted my home community Rochester, NY as having the #1 potential to be a “technology/innovation hub. Pre Covid I wrote about how serendipity and, perhaps synchronicity, of a chance encounter with one of the authors lead to the creation of “Jump-Starting Rochester” (JSR). JSR formed as a fledgling grassroots movement with the mission of supporting the realization of that potential. (links below)

 What emerged early on from the book was the possibility, indeed, the necessity for a “New Narrative” for our community. In my previous posts (Part I and Part 2) detailing some thoughts about my own vision for our community. Two PARTS turned into Part 3 and now Part 4. Can they be fashioned into “One”? 

Many things have changed since Part I. Covid is the most visible and for most the big, general, almost universal. This the kind of change we experience as happening “to” us rather than caused “by” us. “Disruption” is the label often ascribed to these kind of changes. Another change that occurs is in our particular response to the “disruption”. And,there is, also, change that is initiated by us in our particular selves. These changes too can be disruptive but seem to come from a better place. 

Covid is certainly by all measures been and caused significant change. It has uncovered so many of the “fault lines” in our society and systems. Is it time to revisit our community’s narrative? If so, what should it be? 

Here are the links to prior posts to hopefully as background or prod your thinking. 

JSR “New Narratives” 1, 2 and 3:

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Guidance Session for FLP  

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