A couple of habits that support my success

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A friend of mine, Tom Foster wrote an blog post, A Level of Competence,  that ended in what he calls an unspoken question.

“What habits do you have that support your success?

He then posted replies from his readers.  I’ve a couple I’d like to share.

My day like yours starts with a cup of coffee (or more). While drinking
I write in my journal by asking this question, ”What will I do today to use my gifts to make a positive difference in someone’s life?”

At the end of the day I journal by answering this question. “What is the actual positive difference I made today in someone else’s life?”

On occasion I shake things up by asking and answering a couple of additional questions:

  • What is the one question if asked and answered that would make it impossible for me to remain as I am?
  • What would a person who truly loved themselves and others be doing right now?
  • What would I be doing today if I truly believed that my life mattered and that I could have anything that I want?

This is a fundamental question for me and thought I would share it so you could give some thought to what habits support your success.

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