Thinking, I mean really thinking?

Posted by Bruce Peters

I ran into this question today from Krishnamurti:

“Suppose you had never read a book, religious or psychological, and you had to find the meaning, the significance of life. How would you set about it? Suppose there were no Masters, no religious organizations, no Buddha, no Christ, and you had to begin from the beginning. How would you set about it?”

This question was preceded by “K” ( not the basketball “K” as you may have surmised) with this dandy “I do not know if it is clear to each one of us that we live in a state of contradiction. We talk about peace, and prepare for war. We talk about being good, and are not. We talk about love, and we are full of ambition, competitiveness and ruthless efficiency. So there is the contradiction. The action that springs from the contradiction only brings about…. further contradiction”

That’s all I have today, no advice, no answers, no singular steps to success ( however defined). Anyway, if you don’t know the difference between good advice and bad advice, no advice will help. ( Lee Thayer, just thought I'd throw that in.)

Question only, starting with a clean slate to create meaning in life for yourself and others “how would you set about it?”

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