To become a better leader in 2015-Stop It!

Posted by Bruce Peters

In thinking about 2015 goals, and reviewing all the well-wishing emails at the end of 2014, I ran across an article published in the Harvard Business Review by Sarah Green and Gretchen Gavett and this Bob Newhart skit, "Stop It." If you haven't seen it, take a look.  

So, what are the top 5 things that are not serving you well, that you will stop doing in 2015? Let me know. I'm compiling a list and will publish my findings later in the year.

In the article, Green and Gavett wrote Things to Stop Doing in 2015.  Here's what they recommend:

  • Stop multitasking (it can be done).Stop
  • Stop procrastinating, saving work for tomorrow, and waiting to be inspired to work.
  • Stop working at an unsustainable pace. It makes leading more difficult, and to do things better, you have to stop doing so much.
  • If that’s not possible, at least stop complaining about how busy you are. Everyone will thank you.
  • Stop feeling like you have to be authentic all the time. It could be holding you back.
  • Stop holding yourself back in these five other ways, too.
  • Stop being so positive — research shows it’s not all that helpful for achieving your goals.
  • Stop overdoing your strengths (lest they become weaknesses).
  • When it comes to evaluating others, stop mistaking confidence for competence.
  • Stop giving negative feedback as a "sandwich."
  • Stop overlooking the women in your organization. And stop relying on diversity training programs to fix the problem. They can’t solve it.
  • Speaking of things that don’t work: Stop ideating and brainstorming.
  • Stop trying to delight your customers all the time.
  • Stop searching for a silver bullet to your strategy dilemmas.
  • That said, stop using so many battle metaphors when you talk about strategy.
  • And please, stop using terrible PowerPoints and these equally terrible words in your business communications.
  • Stop sitting so much. Seriously.
  • Stop getting defensive. (Not that we’re accusing you.)
  • And if you can’t stop doing any of these things… stop believing that you have to be perfect.
This is a pretty exhaustive list, don't you think? 

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