Quick Quiz: What Color are Your Choices?

Posted by Bruce Peters

Ripple Splash.jpgBefore getting started … are you thirsty? Have you had enough to drink today? Go get a drink then come back.

Where did you get your water? Or maybe you opted for something else … coffee, flavored water, or soda. Save your answer for later.

Regardless of your drink choice, you were free to choose it.According the 2016 survey Freedom in the World by Freedom House, a U.S. based NGO that measures the degree of civil liberties and political rights in every nation and disputed territories, there are 86 free nations on this planet.

Of course the United States is one of these. We were founded on the ideals of freedom and independence. But the idea of “free” is an interesting one. Freedom isn’t free. But the price of freedom may not be what you think it is.

The true cost of freedom is accepting the personal responsibility that comes with it. Let’s dive into one small, watery example.

Do This!

On October 20, the New York Times just released an interactive quiz, Bottled Water or Tap: How Much Does Your Choice Matter?

Go take it. Then come back.

Go on! You need it for the rest of the post. Besides, it’s interesting and kind of fun. And even if it isn’t, do it anyways. Here’s the link again:  


The Teal Dimension

Our society has embraced what Philip Slater, author of Pursuit of Loneliness, has coined the “toilet assumption.” This is our belief that by flushing something away, it disappears. It’s easy to come up with environmental, social, and political issues. But in your business or work what examples or situations might the “toilet assumption” apply? 

Are the freedoms that we are so fortunately granted, an entitlement or a gift paid for by struggles, sacrifice, and responsibility? Is freedom something you pay for, on a daily basis, with careful, thoughtful and responsible decision-making?

There is an integrity gap between fulfilling your potential and making decisions driven by a sense of purpose and wholeness. Your daily actions reflect who you are, your commitments, and your priorities. Accepting this reality and acting accordingly, is the soul of Teal.  

So … drink responsibly. And be grateful that you are free to do so.

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