What's on your scorecard?

Posted by Bruce Peters

Scoreboard2In our last blog post, we asked the question, what would happen to you, to your family, team or organization, if you kept score of "promises made and promises kept"?  Our CEO and Key Executive groups, have been doing this for awhile now and have come up with some unique ways of scoring - almost as unique as each of them. How pretty it is, doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is your commitment to it. 

At WCEOhq, we teach a program called, Facilitative Leadership Program - Building a Culture of Leadership and Accountability, based on the work of Dr. Lee Thayer, author ofLeadership: Thinking, Being, Doingand myself.

Taking a page from Thayer's book, "We believe that agreements or promises not fulfilled amount to lying or deceit, minimally to unwarranted problems."
  • If there is a possibility that we are going to fail to keep our commitments or promises- for whatever reasons-we believe we should announce this as far in advance as possible, preferably before making the commitment.
  • We believe that if we are not competent to do something requested, we should say so.
In an exercise from the Facilitative Leadership program, the groups work on an Accountability Process Questions and Actions document.  If you are interested in taking a crack at it, you can download below. This will be helpful to you in the kinds of commitments you, as a leader, need to make and keep.

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So, what's on your scorecard? We would love to see as many as people are willing to share. There will be a follow up post of the best scorecards we collect.  Happy scoring and keeping commitments!

For more on scorecards read this post:

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