Winning at Halftime Two

Posted by Bruce Peters


Some time ago I wrote a post describing the NBA’s Golden State Warriors highly successful approach to game “half-times”. Game after game they would dominate game third quarters. My post described their approach. It was a hallmark during their championship years. 

Put aside for the moment the GSW teams disappointing past year when injuries and defections sent them to worst won/loss record in the NBA. 

As mentioned in the post the question arose “why don’t more of us and our businesses have “half-times” in our work day? If we did create a let’s say daily half-time what we would do to utilize the time most effectively? 

What would have to happen at your daily half-time to win the 2nd half of your day? 

We, here at Beyond Teal would like to offer a select group of people the opportunity to participate in our own version of a team half-time during the times listed below. The criteria for admission is that you affirm that you read the half-time post and you come ready to win in the 2nd half of your day. 

Each half-time is limited to the first six people who sign up. The program is open at no cost with the exception that if you sign up and don’t show up there will be consequences. 

Get your Halftime Login Information here:

Hope to see you soon! 

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