To become a better leader in 2015-Stop It!

Posted by Bruce Peters

In thinking about 2015 goals, and reviewing all the well-wishing emails at the end of 2014, I ran across an article published in the Harvard Business Review by Sarah Green and Gretchen Gavett and this Bob Newhart skit, "Stop It." If you haven't seen it, take a look.  

So, what are the top 5 things that are not serving you well, that you will stop doing in 2015? Let me know. I'm compiling a list and will publish my findings later in the year.

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Business in a Digital World

Posted by Bruce Peters

Let’s stop and think about doing business in a digital world. At first glance one might conclude that creating a company in a technological world, one that invites opinionated conversation, will involve a whole new focus. After all, the tools and tactics have changed. Convention has been toppled like a brick building in a tornado. Today’s youthful leaders, of all ages, do business on their yachts, or in their basements, or on their back yard decks. Offices are open spaces with video game machines and free lunch. No ties, thank you.

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